Are dentists jobless in India?

Graduates trained from private dental colleges formed the majority. A significant proportion was currently unemployed (27%). The private sector was the predominant employment avenue for the dental graduates (90.9%). A notable proportion of the study participants did not have a regular income (32.1%).

Are dentists in demand in India?

Thus, dentistry as a profession has become more demanding and because of its promising nature, a lot of young aspirants are entering this profession. … The Dental Council of India registers those who have completed the BDS to practice dentistry.

Is there a shortage of dentists in India?

The government is considering a proposal to convert dentists to doctors through a bridge course, but by its own admission, the shortage of dentists in rural India is acute – one for a population of 50,000 on average. … Every year, nearly 27,000 dentists join the workforce from 313 dental colleges.

Are BDS graduates jobless?

Less than 11% of hotel management graduates are employable after college: study. … The report surveyed around 4,000 final year hotel management students from more than 140 colleges across India.

Can I get job after BDS?

The Top-Notch Medical Institutes of India such as AIIMS offer openings for both BDS and MDS professionals. BDS Graduates can be recruited as Senior Residents with lucrative salary. Jobs are also available for the MDS in different streams. You can also apply for jobs in the Forensic Department and Agricultural Sector.

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Are BDS unemployed?

We BDS dental surgeons have no scope of jobs in the govt sector since years. After years of struggling, we have acquired the medical degree. But we are considered jobless equivalent to the 10th fail student. … In other states of the country, Dental Graduates are given equal opportunities in govt job.

What is the salary after BDS?

The salary range of a BDS will be minimum Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakh. For this, the candidate must clear the MOH (Ministry of Health) exam which is not that difficult to clear.

What is the fees of BDS?

BDS Course Highlights

Course Level Undergraduate
Eligibility 10+2 with a minimum of 50% Compulsory subjects include Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Admission Process Entrance Exam (NEET)
Average Course Fee INR 1-6 lacs per annum
Average Initial Salary INR 4-10 lacs (approx.)

Does India have too many dentists?

It is estimated that there will be a surplus of more than 100,000 dentists in India by 2020. … It is high time for the dental council and government of India to take all necessary steps to improve the condition of dentistry and dentists of this nation before hope deteriorates completely.

How many doctors are there in India 2020?

In 2020, there were over 1.2 million doctors registered with the Indian Medical Council across the south Asian country.

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